Al Jaber Trading is the agent for Paccar International Inc, marketing Kenworth trucks and supplying a comprehensive range of highway trucks and off-road trucks that are individually designed to meet customers’ specific requirements. It also offers a full range of back-up services and holds over 90% of all spare parts in stock.

Kenworth 963

The Kenworth 963 is engineered to handle difficult grades and demanding terrain transporting heavy payloads. The 963 is equipped with planetary hub reduction axles which are superior in navigating difficult sandy terrains. Special sand tires arranged in a single configuration (4 in place of 8) on the dual rear axles provide superior flotation. This configuration results in low ground pressure, despite extreme payloads.

The regular 963R has 30,000 lb. (13,607 kg) front axle and 100,000 lb. (45,359 Kg) dual rear axle. The super 963S has a 40,000 lb. (18,143 Kg) front axle and 150,000 lb. (68,039) dual rear axle. Stacked frame rails, the bottom of which is inserted for extra strength, enhances the 963’s suitability for use as an oilfield bed ruck when outfitted with winches and an oilfield body. For heavy-duty off-road transport of oilfield equipment over extreme desert sand terrains, the Kenworth 963 family is the ultimate truck of choice.

Kenworth C500

The durable C500 now boasts greater performance and functionality than ever, featuring increased cab options, a larger cooling module, and two new hoods.

–  Ideal for vocational operations requiring a highly maneuverable truck with more versatility than a day cab can provide.
– Structure: aluminum and fiberglass construction.
– Compact with plenty of headroom
– Liftable bunk with a 24in x 78in tilt up mattress, over-and-under bunk storage, a full headliner, insulated rubber floor mats, vented access doors,
swivel reading light, lockable luggage compartments and a separate sleeper
control console.
– Available with Splendor interior and the cab is available with either Diamond or Splendor interior.

Kenworth T800

Today, you need a more productive, more profit-oriented, more reliable truck: Kenworth T800

Kenworth’s T800 is the ultimate workhorse – as much at home running freight coast to coast as it is delivering fuel across town or hauling gravel out of a quarry. Imagine the bottom-line advantages of a single base chassis that can do almost
anything you ask of it. Plus, the T800 is built-to-take-it tough – proven very, very difficult to break .

Add the driver-side benefits of excellent maneuverability, operating efficiency and comfort … and you’ve got not just a truck, but a whole new solution.

Kenworth T800. A high value – real world – solution.

Kenworth T880


The work you do requires everything you’ve got and then some. Same for your trucks and the people who drive them.
With the T880, you’ve got a dependable, versatile vehicle capable of performing your toughest jobs. Day in, day out. A
truck designed at its core with the strength, stamina and operating economy you need to move your business ahead.

Bulk tractor. Tanker. Dump truck. Mixer. Heavy hauler. Refuse truck. Logger. The next time your job requires maximum effort, dispatch the one truck that’s equipped to handle it: your Kenworth T880.

Kenworth K370


These days, you’re bound to be looking for better ways to squeeze more value out of every business asset — especially your trucks. A tough assignment
if you operate in congested urban environments where length and weight restrictions can severely affect payload and profitability.

Introducing the all-new Kenworth K270 class 6 and K370 class 7, two of the most reliable, efficient and productive medium duty trucks ever to hit the
boulevards and back alleys of urban North America. Add up the advantages — payload, productivity, reliability and uptime. Then consider one more
thing: resale value. History proves that a used Kenworth is a better value to someone else than just about any other medium duty truck you can name.